Pryhl was invited to participate in a pitch, for which the assignment consisted in developing a new and fresh catalogue concept and catalogue design. Jewelry catalogues are often quite generic in their expression and focus entirely on differentiating via model, photographer – and naturally the jewelry. We went about this assignment in a completely different way and wanted to discover a differentiating visual focal point based on the brand, which clearly set AAGAARD apart from the competitors.
Our solution was the 4 A’s – both together and separately.

The A seen in isolation works as a focus element on the front page and as a text / design element in the catalogue.

If the 4 A’s are seen as a whole, a pattern emerges, which holds a clear reference to AAGAARD. And hidden in the pattern is a diamond. This pattern is used on focus spreads as a watermark.

The graphic identity has subsequently resulted in a corporate identity, in in store materials, campaigns and shop-in-shop solutions.