In a catalogue pitch with 2 other agencies, Pryhl won Cane-line as a customer. Cane-line, who deliver high-end garden furniture, needed to clearly differentiate themselves from cheaper furniture and really focus on why customers should spend more for their furniture.

Cane-lines payoff is: Life made Comfortable and that is exactly what you get when you buy Cane-line. The furniture is completely maintenance-free and developed to resist weather, water and wind so that you can focus on enjoying the seasons of good weather bringing out your garden furniture and relaxing or enjoying time off with your loved ones at any time of the year: in spring, summer, autumn, or even in winter.

This is why Cane-line have kept their focus in the last 25 years on developing new materials and designs that make it easier to fully enjoy your garden furniture. This story about the design, development and materials has been emphasized in the catalogue so that consumers may gain insight into why Cane-line and no others are able to prolong the life and joy of your garden furniture.

This story is just as important to tell as all the beautiful and inviting pictures that make you dream about summer, the sun and being together with family and friends in your garden, on your terrace, or on your balcony.