In 2011, OMA found themselves at a crossroad. Either the brand would be integrated in a scandinavian communications platform and die out as an independent brand – or the brand had to be revitalized and revived. Pryhl implemented a strategic process in collaboration with Unilever, and we saw the enormous potential in taking OMAs unique historical heritage and creating a trustworthy and modern retro universe.
The pivot was Good food since 1909.

The first step was to revitalize the packaging materials into a modern retro style, which could also be applied on future products, such as liquid OMA and OMAs 3 cream alternatives. The objective was to attract new consumers without losing the existing, loyal OMA consumers.

The next step was to create a differentiating communication universe, which clearly branded OMA. Pryhl found an old black and white TV spot from 1936 with one of this era’s great Danish actresses, Liva Weel in the starring role. The TV spot has a very catchy tune as the focal point so we could deliver the message about Good food since 1909 without actually looking at the TV spot. Furthermore, we created a link from the old black and white TV-spot to a modern kitchen and modern cooking. According to Millward Brown, the campaing pushed OMA as a brand in a very positive direction.

In connection with several in store campaigns the new communication form has also repositioned market shares and sales.