Pryhl giver nyt liv til MY HOME MØBLER

My Home Møbler træder i karakter som kæden, der hjælper dig med at udvikle ”dit personlige hjem”

Et nyt filmunivers for MY HOME, som lanceres landsdækkende i flere medier onsdag den 4. maj.

Kontakt direktør Christian Heetkamp på tlf. 27 88 74 52,
hvis du også har brug for pryhl og en skarp, strategisk funderet kommunikation.







Pryhl is a strategy-, planning- and project based advertising agency specialized in working with fmcg, design, retail, fashion and food clients in Scandinavia. We do what we’re best at and we do it with passion. Our clear ambition is becoming your corporations and marketing departments prolonged marketing- and strategy powertool.
You can use us for a short period of time and isolated assignments but we thrive at building long strategic relationships where we can define goals and reach them together.



Matching creativity with your business and your specific challenges!
To be able to cover a wide field of segments and businesses, we have established a widespread network of the best freelance creatives in northern Europe.
They are the best in their field regardless if we’re talking about communication platforms, TVC’s, packaging design, social media, in-store communication, webdesign, catalogue design or any other above or below the line activity. We’ll find the ones fitting your business, your challenges and you. Just try us or ask some of our existing clients!

the client team

Birgit Hegedahl

Account Manager  +45 20 13 92 79

Christian Heetkamp

Managing Director  +45 27 88 74 52

Jesper Rosenlund

Production Manager  +45 23 40 45 53

Mette Andersen

Grafiker  +45 40 31 03 50

Jimmi Hansen

Finances  +45 21 23 00 79

Contact us

Pryhl is based in Copenhagen and Odense, Denmark but we have partner agencies across the whole of Europe.
Phone + 45 7444 1162